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The GISolve Open Service API defines a set of REST Web service interfaces to the GISolve Open Service Framework which is designed as the foundation of the CyberGIS service infrastructure for CyberGIS authentication, application integration, and cyberinfrastructure-based computation. To use this API for application development, developers only need language-specific libraries for invoking a REST Web service and parsing JSON-format messages. To facilitate the programming of CyberGIS Web services in Linux/Unix/Mac environment, a client package is developed to provide software utilities and sample codes written in multiple programming languages, including Java, Perl, PHP, and Python. This package can be download from the CyberGIS SVN repository. This package is open source, with MIT license.

The GISolve Open Service API is designed to achieve the following goals:

  1. Provide an Application Programming Interface (API) to enable an accessible and extensible application integration process within CyberGIS communities
  2. Build an interface between application developers and the integration team during the lifecycle of integration
  3. Provide a unified interface for the computation of integrated applications and data
  4. Manage the complexities of the software integration process

GISolve Open Service API Specification

The specification document of the GISolve Open Service API is maintained by the CyberGIS integration team. Comments, requests, and suggestions are welcome to make this API highly usable. Please send your feedback to .

Client software and sample codes

The GISolve Open Service API Client package can be accessed via HTTP download or SVN repository. For installation and how to use this package, please see chapter "3. Client Package Installation".


SVN Access

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